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DESCRIPTION: Nonoxynol-9 That's in the lubricant on the outside of the condom For the really bad cases, it's just a matter of us reiterating one of life's first lessons, life ain't fair, and you're left holding the bag

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WARNING: Please don't do these until AFTER cooking the Turkey You can use your CLEAN baster to douche your hiney before sex. OR. OR. You can finally put that turkey baster to use once Thanksgiving is over. So I never knew that a turkey baster could have so many sexual uses or there would be so many sexual references to it. (Where do these.


Nonoxynol-9 That's in the lubricant on the outside of the condom For the really bad cases, it's just a matter of us reiterating one of life's first lessons, life ain't fair, and you're left holding the bag I guess the court was entertaining oral arguements during this case.

As to how she pulled it off I don't see much of a problem. In the bathroom it's mouth to turkey baster to vagina and BAM you're in business. I think in this case, the man should have to option of paying the support and receiving joint custody or opting out of both the rights and responsibility.

When one party acts unilaterally like this I think the decision should favor the other person. Because this is entirely nuts. This case is an example of a more general issue--when should a biological parent be responsible for the financial upbringing of their offspring.

Apparently, it would seem the state's position on the matter is 'always'. I contend, if a person man or woman has not willfully engauged in the activities known to lead to pregnancy, they should not be held responsible for the child to any more extent than the average tax-payer.

I think there's also some on the inside, isn't there? At least, Sexual uses for a turkey baster you unroll them there's bound to be some cross contamination. Originally posted by Ashby: It Sexual uses for a turkey baster matter, because its not gauranteed to kill of it anyways. Its just there as an extra safe-gaurd, its not a gaurantee. Originally posted by jschmeling: I'm not certain how a court would treat being dugged and having semen taken.

I suspect that the court would rule the same way actually. But, this case is sufficiently different in that the male was willing to have oral sex, as opposed to being unwilling while drugged, that that has no bearing here.

I think you're missing the point I was trying to make, which was not legal but social. It is thoroughly irrational to say that someone should expect that participation in oral sex would lead to a pregnancy. Having studied this, can you point me to the case law that would relate Sexual uses for a turkey baster an instance where a man was responsible as a father despite not having participated in conjugal sex and not having participated in fertility treatment? You mean aside from Phillips v.

Irons, or whatever they'll be calling the procedeing in which she was awarded child support, when they cite it for precedent in some subesquent travesty of justice? Sorry, if it seems like a shot Caesar.

It's not, but I couldn't resist the opportunity for some left handed sort of humour as I segue into what really concerns me about this whole thing. Yes, it's mind-numbing on a number of levels, but the legal wrangling surrounding this whole set of nonsense is setting precedent s that will be used to justify similar rulings, or justify arguments in favor of similar rulings, in future incidents.

It's cause for some concern I think. As far as just how significant such a precedent Sexual uses for a turkey baster prove? Anyone reading the fora have any insight to share? My buddy the biochemist informs me that: The mouth isn't nearly as nasty to the poor sperm as the female reproductive tract which is designed to only let the most vigorous and healthy through.

My advice Sexual uses for a turkey baster to make sure the spit take recepticle isn't a cryo tube or a turkey baster. Gentlemen, you have been officially warned. Originally posted by Caesar: It's offensive to me that this is the state of the law, and that it is so disconnected from the social ethical and moral issues. I'll look at the Sexual uses for a turkey baster case law again as well, I have a decent outline of it somewhere on a bookshelf I think, but it's been 6 years since I took that course.

I went to law school intending to do father's rights work. I was so dismayed by the state of the law that I decided not to waste my life banging my head on the wall. Instead I turned to disability rights and bang my head on that wall.

Silly of me to think I can change the world isn't it? But what if she claims the turkey baster is there just in case we want to get a bit kinky? I'll look at the specific case law again as well Rockin'. Don't worry about it though if it's a hassle, it's just something I've not read up on. Certainly an odd situation. If you don't who will? How significant is it that the set of rulings here fashioned as they were?

How important is the precedent established here when added to the state of the law and its disconnect from the associated issues? How did this disconnect come about in the first place? Sexual uses for a turkey baster the judges hearing these cases weren't complete morons to begin with, there must be some reason they've decided as they have. I find I'm really pretty curious as to why.

I'd be happy with just a pointer on where to start the reading, if you've got the time. I've got to hit the office this Sunday, and it's read up on this or read up on something else while I watch the disks spin. The legal system really does see the non-custodial Father as a wallet more than anything else Fixed that for ya: Originally posted by Rasmus: Isn't this whole case an "entertaining oral argument"? Say you pass out from drinking at a party and a woman obtains your part of the equation through oral or prostate milking and then implants it in herself.

Ya this is setting a crappy precident. Originally posted by Dqua: That would be sexual assault. Originally posted by debra: You can bet all you want but that doesn't make it so. Except there have already been cases where the woman was convicted of sexual assult statutory and the father because of said assult was still required to pay child support.

I dont think that any state currently has a provision that would make the "father" in quotes because I can't stand to use the term as a substitute for sperm donor, which is all these guys are in every sense except the legal one not responsible for child support payments; under ANY circumstances. The way the laws are now, if its your kid, you pay, end of discussion.

Well, statutory may be called rape, but it isn't necessarily involuntary. You can have two willing partners and still have statutory rape. Given two willing partners, the financial obligation ought to be shared. However, if the man is literally knocked unconscious and involuntarily hooked up to some sort of science fiction prostate milking machine designed to repopulate dead planets inhabited by nothing but hot womenI don't see how he can be considered liable.

My post from the Lounge thread. Before you guys run off to the pickfork and torch store, may I make a rational observation? The plaintiff the sperm "donor" is the one claiming that defendant the sperm "receiver" saved his sperm after an oral sex encounter.

According to the article, she has not addressed this issue and the truthfulness of it has not been evaluated by a court of law. He claims not her, just him that the two never had vaginal sex in their four month relationship, only oral sex. I'm guessing that he may be as crazy as she, possibly moreso. To me, it sounds like this is a guy trying to get out of his obligations. I imagine that they did have vaginal sex, but he is now denying it as the basis for his Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress case.

There Sexual uses for a turkey baster, obviously, a possibility that his allegations are true, but they certainly seem improbable. This case could just as easily be about a deadbeat dad trying to get out of his child-rearing responsibilities as it could be about a psycho-nutjob woman who saves sperm after oral sex only to impregnate herself while still married to her real husband, who could presumably impregnate her the old fashion way. Occam's Razor guides me to the more believable possibility.

Originally posted by Bolero: This quote alone bolsters his story in my eyes. Yeah, I have to agree. Because otherwise, why is there any question to Sexual uses for a turkey baster matter? So then, if she sees this as a 'property transaction', how can then be still responsible for any of it? I wouldn't transfer a lease and still expect to pay rent. The sperm is a property matter. The child's parentage is not. The crazier courts tend to go with "if you're the biological father, no matter how, it's your responsibility".

I wish I could get the Sexual uses for a turkey baster of the opinion. Irritating to say the least, but it's not on Westlaw. But I can't find it. Originally posted by Happysin: Which I agree with except in situations where you have almost equal ages of people doing it and one gets S-raped because the other one is just barely over consent age etc I'm fairly certain that this has happened before. Didn't Boris Becker the tennis player claim something similar during a paternity lawsuit a few years ago?

Originally posted by ghub I don't even understand how a person willing to perform this kind of deceit can be considered mentally stable enough to even have a child.

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Chit-chat or theatrics, delight, spam, insulting other segments, splash more. Abuse to minors, vigour or threats, harassment or seclusion infiltration, impersonation or misrepresentation, double-dealing or phishing, pageantry more. What does a turkey baster keep to do with sex? Are you set you need to eradicate that answer? Turkey baster is a regarding a grave one-liner benefit of phoney insemination. The theory being using a turkey baster to push sperm into a women womb to proceed her parturient.

It's kinda wordless, but there it is. From using a turkey baster to 'plant the seed' in cases of phony insemination Although a needleless syringe is theoretically afar more moving I'ts commonly attempted with couples who are unqualified to demand children the stuffy go to pieces b yield and do without maintenance.

Rather than of paying in spite of invetro fertilization, they interest a turkey baster filled with sperm to essay egg fertilization.

I guess it is that you can publish semen in the turkey baster and outsert it into the females you skilled in what in required to pick up her in the pudding club.

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What\'s the Case? This holiday sex tip will make you feel more than gratitude. have Amazon prime ) and a $10 charge if you don't already have a turkey baster on hand. oil (I am going to be real, we used the cheap stuff) and one microwave. You can finally put that turkey baster to use once Thanksgiving is over..



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As I am waiting for my asparagus wrapped in bacon to cook…and as some are relaxing after a big meal…or maybe taking a break from family and friends to read blogs…I figured I would add a little spice to your festivities. I think whatever sitophilia I had, went away after the whole cucumber incident. But if you try any of these out and really enjoy it…then you have me to thank for helping you discover a part of yourself.

Two obvious ones that come to mind are using a carrot as a dildo for vaginal penetration or for anal pleasure. If you are worried about being strange for using a carrot to help you masturbate…just know, you are not alone. A carrot is no stranger to masturbation, see the links here to verify: And the carrot must be a good lover because this woman has the carrot tattooed 35 times all over her body…she has definitely committed to them for life.

But you should probably put cling wrap over the vagina, unless you want to risk a yeast infection. For some folks, it is the only time they really get their pie eaten.

According to Urban Dictionary, this term means to either…. Of course, you can also refer to this term when potatoes are actually mashing like here… the fact that someone actually sculpted mash potatoes into a sexual position…. The corn is another favorite replacement dildo. And you would butter the corn the usual way… with your mouth or another pair of lips, of course.

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So I never knew that a turkey baster could have so many sexual uses or there would be so many sexual references to it. (Where do these. 1 day ago The turkey baster position is not for the faint-hearted but it promises an fully over your head and your partner can use your legs for purchase. Turkey baster is a term (a bad one) for artificial insemination. The theory being use a turkey baster to force sperm into a women womb to get her.

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