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DESCRIPTION: The rumor is that the penis was deliberately drawn as a last act of defiance by a disgruntled Disney artist who was being laid off. The truth is, the artist who created the cover did not work for Disney itself, thus was not a disgruntled employee, and claims the penis tower was completely inadvertent.

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10 Disney Movie Easter Eggs That Will Probably Change The Way You Think About Your Childhood

Here are all the dirty sex references Disney hid in your favorite childhood movies. You may have missed these scandalous images the first time around. List of easter eggs and inappropriate messages found in Disney films. The sexual charge is seen in a not-so-subtle visual metaphor when Flower is When it appears in Disney movies, it doesn't only come from the villains.

10 Hidden Adult Easter Eggs In Disney Movies - Texting Dating Sites!

The car sleeps at midnight, buckaroo! Welcome to Film Inspector! I've been meaning forever to put up a post with a collection of controversial moments from Disney films. Well, here it is - but let me warn you that, once you see some of these, you'll never see them the same way again.

Most people know about "easter eggs," which are hidden visuals in a video which are only supposed to be viewable if you know the secret Sexual easter eggs in disney movies find them. In the early days of the Internet, it usually was some underpaid software guy putting in his name and those of some of his co-workers if you knew just the right combination of keystrokes to hit while putting your mouse somewhere on the screen - something innocuous like that.

Perhaps clicking on the cactus would start a credits roll which the designers only intended for their friends and family to see. But that hasn't been the only use of easter eggs. In fact, sometimes they have been right out in the open for everyone to see, if only you know when and where to look. The thing about Disney films is that they get put under a microscope by some of the more, shall we say, detail-obsessed fans and enemies of Disney. While it is easy to scoff at these poor souls, the only reason they keep doing it is that, well, Sexual easter eggs in disney movies keep finding stuff.

I'm not talking about the supposedly gay purple Teletubby, that's interpretation, not an easter egg. I'm also not talking about the recent controversy over " Frozen " that it supposedly advances a gay agenda - that's politics. The directors have even owned up to them in interviews, saying they went all the way to Disney head honcho John Lasseter to get permission to put them in, so we know they weren't accidental.

The thing is, nothing at all gets into a Disney animated feature film by accident. And there's the studio's problem: Some have cost the studio millions of dollars to fix. So, it is a very real phenomenon that the studio both advances - and fears.

Before you proceed, look Sexual easter eggs in disney movies the " The Lion King " poster at the top of this page.

See anything off-message for a Disney movie there? Just a lion on an orange background, right? Well, if not, you will see something else after going through this list. This is not for those who are easily offended, so, if you are, kindly mosey on over to one of our other great pages. You have been warned, and we're not out to offend anyone. Ok, on with the show. Tinkerbell from "Peter Pan"? The most notorious rumor about Disney films is that they contain subliminal words put there for, well, unclear purposes.

Perhaps they are there because an animator or illustrator was bored, or gasp! Subliminal advertising has been around at least since the s when some films apparently put quick flashes in films showing viewers delicious treats at the refreshment stand.

People caught on to that in a hurry and it soon stopped. Whether it stopped in Disney films is open to interpretation. This is one of the more controversial controversies. The evidence is shaky, but it's like the "Paul is Dead" Beatles rumors: I don't really see them, personally.

Even when you know where to look, it's unclear if what is supposed to be there is actually there. I think it's more a case of all those random images occasionally, accidentally, creating forms that are close to letters that spell out It's hardly a controversial film. Sexual easter eggs in disney movies, this is one instance where the detail-obsessed people scored a real blow for purity or whatever they are after.

It's difficult to see except in high definition, but there apparently was a scene with a naked lady in the background. Once you know where to look, it's inescapable. Only after home video allowed viewers to scroll through frame-by-frame did anyone find it. They told Disney, Disney reviewed it - and the company would up recalling 3. Apparently, the picture got into the film somehow, Disney found confirmed that it was put there for some unexplained reason, and that was that. Obviously, it didn't get there by accident.

Some copies survived and became collector's items, of course, that's how these things go. It appears the animators inserted a Playboy Playmate or something like that as an in-joke, not knowing that people would be examining this at home only a few years later. You can only see her if you freeze-frame the film, which only became common a few years after the film's release when VCR's became something ordinary people could buy.

In other words, it was there all along in the theaters - but not a single person complained after watching this successful film. And you bet someone would have complained if it was visible. That little joke cost the company millions of dollars. So, these easter eggs are serious business. The offending area is clearly visible below. The Disney Renaissance was about to start with " The Little Mermaid ," but that epic was still a year away.

Trying to stir up some enthusiasm for the fading flagship, one apparently bored animator came up with his own creative method. Jessica is involved in a car crash and is ejected from a taxi. While flying through the air, her skirt flies up exposing Or, that is what is argued. Disney looked at it, decided something was there, but it wasn't a big deal. The story was that the brief shot was a "gimmick" put in by "the animators.

It is true that the shot eventually was edited out - so it was a big enough deal to remove. But unless you put this under a magnifying glass, it's hard to see anything at all. Posted by James Bjorkman at 5: Disney sexy shotseaster eggshidden messageshidden sexy shots Sexual easter eggs in disney movies, sexual messagessexy shots in cartoonssubliminal sexy shots. Anonymous May 31, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

This may be the last time you see this post without noticing something hidden. This is a little clearer. These are the two frames where the image appears in "The Rescuers. It's very dark, Sexual easter eggs in disney movies hard to tell what you see anyway. I mean, it's just an animation! Note that the edited frame on the left has a red part Sexual easter eggs in disney movies Jessica's dress covering her.

This is hiding in plain site, and almost certainly unintentional. Notice that they edited it out in the frame on the right. This shows the good padre's knees are the cause of the Sexual easter eggs in disney movies bulge. It wasn't just the animators giving a knowing glance, either.

Note that if you aren't really paying much attention and only see it out of the Sexual easter eggs in disney movies of your eye, that word "SPLASH" can look a lot like "SEX," especially if that is where the lady rubbing herself has already taken your mind. Relax your eyes, focus on the lady, and see if you agree. That wolf is loving it!

And notice how the Sexual easter eggs in disney movies is holding that gun and pulsing it in the foreground. Esmeralda dancing, head back, hair flowing, arms held high and back toward her head You just need a little imagination to see it.

If you can't, relax your eyes a bit. It's kind of difficult to see outside a theater, but Esmeralda's form is quite visible through her skirt.

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Over recall you got what it takes to write in the direction of Cracked. Then submit an article or some other pieces of content. Cracked only offers comment voting to subscribing members. Subscribers also have access to loads of hidden capacity.

Join now and brandish the awesome power of the thumb. If you're already an awesome Cracked subscriber, click here to login. As you in all likelihood know by now, there were hidden priest boners and adult words written into the Disney movies we grew up on. But we couldn't have caught them all. We asked you to use the magic of image manipulation to compose the dirty secrets we could have missed.

The winner is below, but first the runners up


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Diffenrences between men and women regarding aging? You may have missed these scandalous images the first time around. Here are all the dirty sex references Disney hid in your favorite childhood movies..

In 's The Rescuers , Bianca and Bernard fly by topless woman in a window in the background. The woman's breasts were on display for a brief second, barely noticeable at all. Disney claims that this was added as a prank by the post-production team.

Once discovered, VHS copies of the movie were recalled and the shirtless lady was removed in future editions. Jessica Rabbit isn't bad, she's just drawn that way. And whoever was in charge animating this car crash sequence was being very, very bad. Disney films are family favorites, but it isn't all just kid stuff. Born out of either being completely disgruntled at work, or maybe just for fun, animators sneak in some hidden adult things in Disney movies all the time.

Some of these dirty Easter eggs in Disney movies were included as an "in-joke" for the parents, or spliced in for only the adept animators to notice. In fact, some of them are so raunchy, they were edited out in later releases of the movies.

In any case, read this list of the most famous hidden adult Easter eggs in Disney movies, and re-watch some of these films to see if you can find them yourself. The 51 Fattest Animals in Internet History. empFlix

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  • Pixar's Inside Out hasn't been released as of this writing, but there's already some cheeky humor in the trailer.
  • The victory collaborate to womanize tries to estimate the signal through choosing an eight-letter word.

  • 17 R-Rated Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Disney Movies you to use the magic of image manipulation to create the dirty secrets we could.
  • 12 Dirty Jokes in Disney Movies That Slipped By You the First Time - Dorkly Post
  • Some of these dirty Easter eggs in Disney movies were included as an "in-joke" for the parents, or spliced in for only the adept animators to notice. In fact, some. You may have missed these scandalous images the first time around.
  • 17 R-Rated Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Disney Movies

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