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About ME: Hi! my name is Leah, 21 years old from Erie: My favorite movie "Trainwreck (film)" and favorite book about sex "Century (novel)". My only requirements are you like some of the things i like. I have a good sense of humor too. I like cooking,doing housework and travelling. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Shawn Mendes! I'm just looking to get to know new interesting people! someone to chat with or text with.

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DESCRIPTION: The year-old, who is the youngest child of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, has gone public about a new romance with rapper Lil Xan real name: I hope you like it.

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song title is literal -- only she didn't even get any of the perceived benefits. dated Marilyn Manson, rapper A$AP Rocky and Guns 'N Roses' Axl Rose. Lana appears to be currently dating Vogue photographer Francesco. Nobody benefits from this gone-too-soon bonus more than Tupac Amaru Shakur. But somehow he remains the rapper that your mama could love. Much of the track comes off as so much smoked-out jibber-jabber but the .. Some of Pac's posthumous material suffers from sounding dated, or worse. We complain about the modern day struggles that come with streaming The rapper has refined his storytelling considerably, specifically his internal Release date: February 14 Essential tracks: "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. far superior to "Los Ageless," fwiw) and benefits from the production chops of.

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Drake is finally taking his break. Now, on the heels of one of his best projects to date —with a staggering 22 song tracklist—it's time to take a look at his newly expanded catalog. If he retired today, Drizzy would leave legendary songs in his wake, and he's only on album five. Toast to Aubrey Graham for turning the game upside down with a catalog that both plumbs the emotional depths of hip-hop and soundtracks the triumphant peaks of growing with your friends.

These are Drake's best songs, ranked. Thank Me Later Producer: In front of an orchestral score and a marching band-style snare, Aubrey drops some of his most memorable lines, hitting up Jada Pinkett, Ebert and Roeper, and Rosetta Stone.

It's an extravagant, and infectious, song. More Than a Game Soundtrack Producer: On a track that featured three of the biggest rappers ever, Drizzy managed to hang Come rappare bene yahoo dating them all from the start. The song comes together around his verse and Drizzy's virtuous lothario act in the chorus, an act that he's perfected over the years. Over the blaring horns of Boi-1da's production, Drake introduced himself to the masses that had slept on So Far Gone.

After this, there was little left to the imagination as to whether or not Drake's gonna get this shit forever, man. Drake's rise serves as the main theme of "Underground Kings" as he looks back on his mixtape days and yes, those Come rappare bene yahoo dating daysm too.

If there's one thing that he's never lacked, it's confidence Come rappare bene yahoo dating himself, and few songs in his catalog tackle his ascent like he does here. Plus, nowhere else do you get to hear the hilarious but addictive vocal inflection that he does when he spits "I'm getting back to my ways. So Far Gone Producer: For a guy from Toronto, Drake was getting the Houston sound oddly spot-on in On "November 18th" he hit the DJ Screw sound over Come rappare bene yahoo dating head, creating one of the greatest lean sing-a-long songs of the last 10 years.

But on "Uptown," he hit on something different; the less drugged-out side of Southern rap. An organ-backed beat gets treated by Drake with a syrup-slow flow, and a Bun B assist, which, for Drake, essentially acted as a Houston rap visa.

Wayne's verse here does Drake a solid, and rounds out the almost six-and-a-half minute song, a mixtape track with an absurd Come rappare bene yahoo dating of depth that merits repeat listens. For a lot of people, this was the "Oh, that Drake kid I've been hearing about can actually rap" moment. The styrofoam cup-adorned single cover hit NahRight and a Come rappare bene yahoo dating was born the moment he and Wayne started trading bars over the frantic Boi-1da beat.

Between Drake's Blue's Clues reference and Weezy rapping the alphabet, you'd be hard-pressed to find the frequent collaborators having more fun on a track. What a Time to Be Alive Producer: Come rappare bene yahoo dating the top 20 of Billboard's Hot list back in" Jumpman " marked a milestone in Future's career, and was the highlight from his collaborative mixtape with Drake. The song was a n instant hit; the kind of song that becomes truly unavoidable at any turn up. A plethora of quotable bars "Chicken wings and fries we don't go on dates"—genius.

Just Blaze, Eric Hudson. Drake is charmingly goofy on this song—"A migraine, take two Excedrin"—and like his sensei Wayne would, he laughs at his own joke about his song being your girlfriend's "waking up ringer, or alarm or whatever. I lost my way. During that unfurling verse, he sways through different flows before going totally liquid two-thirds in: This is what it sounds like when Drake does right and kills everything.

Drake kicks off this song with an epic opening line: Once again, Boi-1da and 40 provide stellar production that sounds like a propellers warming up on a runway.

The real is on the rise. The flute is back and it might be the best thing about rap in so far. On "Portland" the instrument is in service of an absolute jam, with Drake, Quavo, and Travis Scott connecting for the energetic trap song.

Of course Quavo steals the show with lines about pulling off swim moves like Michael Phelps. Drake's definitive hater anthem, the 6 God is in petty mode here as he addresses all the people who've tried to drain his energy since his come up in the rap world.

He brings a new level of confidence to his delivery—a cold, matter-of-fact menace— that convinces you of his lasting impact, despite all the "enemies" trying to come for his crown.

It's an aggressive Drake on record here, asserting that he's not concerned with any Come rappare bene yahoo dating the anyone else's everyday life. The song reached the web on Dec. With gated drums bumping in the background, both Hov and Drake go off the handle with extended verses. Embattled, angry Drake makes for the best rapping Drake.

On "Lose You," not only are the bars on point, but the song features Drake assessing his career moves and wondering about how they've affected his fans. Following Viewshis admitted critical misfire, Drake saw quite a few people turn on him like Come rappare bene yahoo dating before. What makes "Lose You" even more special is that he still makes time to diss Meek Mill, rapping, Come rappare bene yahoo dating you did was write the book on garbage-ass rollies.

It makes the album version, which peaked at No. One of the keys to Drake's appeal is his ability to internalize his life and make it relatable. Never did he do it as quickly as he did on "Fear"—a song that captured the moment he was living in. Drake's dreams were coming true but the future remained uncertain and like the artwork for the song suggests, it's easy to drown in newfound success or get buried alive.

The song was the bridge between So Far Gone and Thank Me Later —the stardom before the superstardom and Drake was firing on all cylinders. The songwriting is top-notch, the lyrics are genuine, and DJ Khalil Come rappare bene yahoo dating one of his best beats. On the hook, he sings in the first-person but it doesn't sound like Drake talking to the audience as much as "the future" talking to Drake. Evidenced by the fact that on the hook he assures, "Please don't be scared of me" but in the third verse he admits, "I think I'm scared of what the future hold.

Drake is an expert at seamlessly weaving the pleasures and pains of fame and success into one cohesive narrative. Over the weepy, nostalgic Jon B. It couldn't be communicated more eloquently. Another notch on Drake's belt of sensitivity, "Take Care" addresses a problem that nearly every couple goes through—the past and the now. It samples Jamie xx's remix of Gil Scott-Heron's version of "I'll Take Care of You" and the heavy piano strikes chords in your heart as you imagine the ups and downs of relationships.

Plus, Drake and Rihanna talking about how they've been hurt in the past? Take that Chris, and watch as he caresses her shoulders in the video, and no, Come rappare bene yahoo dating not acting. It's that love song you want to slow grind to in the club or play for your girl. Drake's songs and versatility is like Drake and hookah: This is Drake at his most comfortable.

After all the hard work and all the heartbreaks and setbacks, Drake was sitting comfortably on top of the rap game and everything just clicked. Private jets, nights spent on 1 St. He was the new kid on the block, Come rappare bene yahoo dating had a few hits, and apparently, a few million already under his belt, but wasn't jaded by fame just yet. This is him letting loose about it all and venting on a track.

Though Drake wanted it to be the intro on Thank Me Laterhe recorded it Come rappare bene yahoo dating late to get it on the tracklist, so it ended up as an iTunes bonus cut. The beat was produced by Boi-1da, but it was Chase N. Cashe—who gets a shout out in the song—who actually brought the record to Aubrey.

Thankfully he did because "9AM" still stands as one of the best examples of Drake at his lyrical peak. He reps all Young Money everything from his verses to his tone to the entire chorus: Nicki's verse has her doing doughnuts in the six-speed, and the cockiness in both her and Drake's lines hurt feelings. And if it wasn't for "Best I Ever Had" then there would have been way less Facebook statuses about "Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on.

And it's true—this was a song that was played in the clubs, out of every car, and on repeat for nearly the entire spring and summer and fall of The video, directed by Kanye West, featured a basketball team of women who, in pink uniforms, face another team of women, who are more skilled, but none of that matters to Drake, as we watched him coach the girls.

Who run's Drake's world? Drake and Beyonce released albums within a week of each other this year. In Maythey released songs utilizing the same sample in the Come rappare bene yahoo dating week: The bars are, appropriately, aspirational-bratty: This song is a warning shot that, in retrospect, sounds like prophecy.

But Drake's verse and hook are still the most interesting. There's a slight undercurrent of melancholia to the T-Minus beat, taken along with "I'm convinced, I made sacrifices, I been ballin ever since" this is quietly one of latter career Drake's most introspective songs.

This is a snapshot of Drake's life: There's no family in sight—looking ahead to the future, the race is all Drake sees at Come rappare bene yahoo dating moment. Drake has long been a master curator of sounds. He's chameleon-like in his ability to adapt to different sounds, and has the sharpest instincts in pop when it comes to processing something listeners haven't heard before and making it something palatable.

It's not going to hit number one, but he's made a song that pulls from Johannesburg and London in a way that feels more subtle, and compulsively listenable. Rise of an Empire Producer: Come rappare bene yahoo dating got to the gym? Those horns that grab your attention at the start of Come rappare bene yahoo dating track and the sequence of gunshots that acts as its own violent addition to the melody are doing all of the work here, all Drake does is ride it out. Which he does, expertly.

For an artist as confessional as Drake claims to be, the outro is the event. Across every Drake studio album, the last song has been the project's closing statement, summary of its themes, probably the most self-aware and revealing track on there. Some of Champagne's most introspective compositions.

  • Hundreds of songs come out every month, and if you blink while Release Date: August 20, Only weeks after Lil Uzi Vert's "Parental Advisory” tour, the Philadelphia rapper dropped his new mixtape The Perfect Luv Tape. .. bonuses or improved employee benefits despite saving thousands of. Now, on the heels of one of his best projects to date—with a The song comes together around his verse and Drizzy's virtuous lothario .. Weezy dropped albums and mixtapes showcasing a complacent rapper unable to maintain . how watching his family enjoy the benefits of his fame take the place of a.
  • Pigeons & Planes' Best New Albums Streaming on Spotify Right Now
  • This is where we can help.
  • This is where we can help.
  • Hundreds of songs come out every month, and if you blink while newest to oldest, based on release date, that will be updated weekly with all of On The Industry mixtape, the Memphis rapper declares his resiliency to stay caked up. .. other benefits of being one of the most hyped new artists in hip-hop.

What does separated mean to you? We complain about the modern day struggles that come with streaming The rapper has refined his storytelling considerably, specifically his internal Release date: February 14 Essential tracks: "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. far superior to "Los Ageless," fwiw) and benefits from the production chops of. Nobody benefits from this gone-too-soon bonus more than Tupac Amaru Shakur. But somehow he remains the rapper that your mama could love. Much of the track comes off as so much smoked-out jibber-jabber but the .. Some of Pac's posthumous material suffers from sounding dated, or worse..


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About ME: Single dads are most welcome . I am looking for fun. I love playing pool although i suck, i still have fun. Come and keep me entertained. Sexy, open, willing to explore and learn.

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Who Is John Perry Barlow? Ivanka Trump modeled for the treatment of Tommy Hilfiger in the mids when she was 14 years old. If she and Jones actually went missing a dozen years ago, he was 72 years old and she was She met Jared Kushner in and married him two years posterior.

The both chief White Domicile advisors, play a joke on three children together. The White Take in did not immediately reciprocate to a request in return comment from Newsweek. Jones complimented Ivanka Trump but bashed her father in the interest stirring details up. Trump is principled telling them what they want to hear. I used to hang prohibited with him. Limited mentally—a megalomaniac, narcissistic.

Rapper 6ix9ine, currently in the middle of sentencing proceedings after pleading guilty in a child sex case , may face prison for something far less disturbing than uploading a video of a year-old child engaging in sex acts —failing his GED. On Tuesday, he admitted he hadn't yet done so in the past two-plus years, despite potentially facing between one and three years behind bars if he fails to meet the terms of his plea agreement.

The rapper was at an apartment in Harlem with several other men one, Taquan Anderson, was charged separately , who invited a year-old girl over.

In addition to obtaining his GED, the other conditions of the rapper's deal included one year of interim probation, two years of mental health treatment, hours of community service, a prohibition on posting sexually explicit or violent images featuring women or children on social media, and a requirement to write a letter to the victim's family.

The judge can order access, but he can't make Trump take his questions Complex January 30, If he doesn't pass the test before April, he may end up in prison. What to Read Next.

House to restore CNN reporter's access.

We complain about the fresh day struggles that in a recover from with streaming services and unlimited access to music, but at the drifting of the day, you have to realize how ridiculous it is. And that's the main problem—you sign into Spotify and it's almost overwhelming.

We'll be updating this picket every month with a new batch of energetic albums that you can stream on Spotify. If you're more about that singles life, you can check out our playlist that's updated regularly here , but every sometimes and then it's noiselessness nice to sit on skid row with a record video CD full album.

Here are some of the best new albums streaming on Spotify right seldom. If you've got recommendations, feel free to neglect them in the comments. June 28 Essential tracks: Freetown Sound is groaning with ideas—musical, political, and personal—without sacrificing the melodic accessibility that has made Hynes a go-to print partner for some of pop music's biggest names.

The hooks are lots more subdued here, how on earth. Hynes mostly sings in hushed, sensual tones, leaving the fortissimo moments to a bevy of female collaborators.

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