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DESCRIPTION: Revue belge de philologie et d'histoiretome 91, fasc.

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Revue belge de philologie et d'histoiretome 91, fasc. The Vita Theoderici c. Gehoorzaamheid aan de bisschop, apostolische bescherming en beroep op Rome: Dit artikel betoogt dat contemporaine discussies over de relatie tussen de abdij van Saint-Hubert, de bisschop van Luik en het hervormingsgezinde pausdom tegen de achtergrond van de investituurstrijd leidden tot een drastische hertekening van het beeld van abt Diederik I van Saint-Hubert Zowel in de Vita Theoderici.

Een vergelijking van de wijze waarop deze episode in Verbo potior latino dating bronnen beschreven wordt, toont aan hoe de voorstelling van de abt wijzigde van een competente administrator, bekommerd om de veiligheid van het patrimonium van Saint-Hubert maar vol eerbied voor de rechten die de bisschop behield als heer van het eigenklooster, tot een vurige verdediger van de Kerkhervorming en van pauselijke juridische suprematie.

Deze verandering bleef vooralsnog onopgemerkt in het historisch onderzoek en weerspiegelt de dramatische wijziging die de verhouding tussen Saint-Hubert en de bisschop van Luik onderging in het laatste decennium van Verbo potior latino dating elfde eeuw. La Vita Theoderici env.

The abbots Berengar of St-Laurent and Theodoric II of St-Hubert, however, sympathised with the papal reform programme and they mounted a stubborn resistance. The situation Verbo potior latino dating very quickly, and Berengar and Theodoric II were ordered to leave by Otbert and they were replaced with more Verbo potior latino dating candidates 4.

Subsequently, the deposed abbots and a considerable part of their flock sought refuge in the bishoprics of Rheims and Laon within the French realm. In those tempestuous times, a monk of St-Hubert, in all probability Lambert the Younger, started writing a Verbo potior latino dating of his abbey.

He left Verbo potior latino dating a detailed and highly dramatic account of the sufferings inflicted by Bishop Otbert onto his fellow monks and his abbot 5. Theodoric I is portrayed as a vigorous administrator who had not only been responsible for the considerable expansion of the abbey domain but who had also maintained close contacts with some of the leading church-men of his day, including Gregory VII. But this was not the first time the troubles with regard to the reception of the bull had been discussed in the narratives concerning St-Hubert.

However, a comparison of both sources and — more specifically — of the passages describing the circumstances which resulted in the obtainment of the bull, the objections raised against Verbo potior latino dating contents by the episcopal entourage. The divergent representation also entails serious implications for our historical understanding of Abbot Theodoric.

I and his relationship with papal reform ideas, as Verbo potior latino dating shall see shortly. I will explore this topic in five stages. First, the abbacy of Theodoric I will be discussed briefly on the basis of the available sources and literature.

Then, the contents of the papal bull in question will be examined and the response they evoked in contemporary sources will be pointed out. Next, the depiction of these events in the Cantatorium will be investigated and a comparison will be made between the chronicle and the Life. Finally, I will try to show how the difficulties experienced by the abbey during the final years of the eleventh century influenced the depiction of this Verbo potior latino dating in the Chronicle.

Abbot Theodoric I of St-Hubert. Indeed, less than a dozen charters from that period — originals and copies — destined for St-Hubert have survived Undoubtedly, many more dating from the abbacy of Theodoric I must have existed and the abbey chronicler, who had the archives at his disposal, refers at times explicitly to the recording of charters when discussing gifts, Verbo potior latino dating of properties or judicial agreements According to the Life, Theodoric entered the abbey of Lobbes at the age of ten in He received his monastic profession from Richard of St-Vanne who in Verbo potior latino dating introduced reform in Lobbes and who was in charge of that place until Priestly ordination followed in Renowned not only for his devout lifestyle but also for his knowledge, Theodoric directed the school of Lobbes and Verbo potior latino dating spent some time as a.

He undertook several barefoot pilgrimages to Verbo potior latino dating and was granted an audience with Pope Alexander II and — at least twice in and — with Gregory VII. He Verbo potior latino dating on 25 August Nineteenth-and twentieth-century scholarship held a somewhat ambiguous view of Theodoric I. Scholars such as A. Cauchie and in his wake E. VII in and the subsequent obtainment of a bull of protection Other scholars, however, such as U.

However, before turning to those sources, I will first try to establish the contents of the bull under discussion and see if we can learn something about its resonance in contemporary sources.

Abbot Theodoric I had stood at the head of St-Hubert for nearly twenty years when in the spring of he asked the newly-appointed Pope Gregory.

VII to extend his papal protection to his abbey. The document granting this privilege was issued Verbo potior latino dating the Lateran palace on Tuesday 29 Aprilnine days after Easter Unfortunately, the original has not been preserved.

The text is Verbo potior latino dating known to us thanks to the copy included in the Cantatorium. In fact, this is the only charter which was transcribed in full by the chronicler At first glance, its contents are far from spectacular.

In answer to the request of Abbot Theodoric, twice designated as dilectus filius, Gregory VII grants the protection of the Apostolic See to the monastery of St-Peter and St-Hubert of Andage, situated in the Ardennes, and promises that he and his successors will safeguard it This concludes the dispositio: This is immediately followed by a prohibition to perturb or alienate, expressed in the sanctio. It is clear that no extraordinary rights Verbo potior latino dating being granted.

There is no conferral of exemption from episcopal authority 23nor is there any reference. Gregory VII Verbo potior latino dating his sadness upon hearing from different sources how indulgent the old bishop is of the buying and selling of ecclesiastical offices and canonical prebends. But we exculpate him Verbo potior latino dating he has done nothing against the [ welfare] and honour of your church.

Moreover, the bishop seems to have acted on the counsel Verbo potior latino dating unspecified persons. But, according to the pope, there was no reason whatsoever to trouble the abbot of St-Hubert, who was to be left in peace This is all we hear about the reception Verbo potior latino dating the pontifical privilege in contemporary sources. It is thought that the conferral of apostolic protection was actually mistaken for a grant of exemption from episcopal authority.

Although such a misinterpretation seems probable, other factors may have contributed to the upheaval as well. However, what made the bull really extraordinary were not so much its contents, as Verbo potior latino dating very existence at that particular time and place.

The monastery of St-Hubert was the first religious community in Lotharingia to establish relations with the recently Verbo potior latino dating reform pope. However, as their argument is to a large extent based on the interpretation of the whole episode given by the Cantatorium, this view needs to be reconsidered. Hence, it remains to be established with certainty whether a more autonomous course of action with regard to the ordinary was already envisaged under Theodoric I, as the author of the Cantatorium wants us to believe, but this is not the place to do so.

The Vita Theoderici Abbatis Andaginensis. Whereas the contemporary papal letter offers just a few clues regarding the exact nature of the conflict — viz.

Cantatorium, provide more elaborate though not completely corresponding explanations. In the hagiographical source, without doubt the oldest of the two narratives, the entire chapter 25 in the edition of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, spanning about two thirds of a page, is dedicated to this episode Afterwards he is received affectionately affectuose by Pope Gregory VII, with whom he has held ab adolescentia a very familiar place Theodoric had beseeched him to grant in the interest of his monastery The claim is not confirmed by any other source not even Verbo potior latino dating the Cantatorium.

Moreover, the hagiographer almost systematically stresses the friendship and familiarity between his protagonist and religious men of high standing VII 24 March which showed him as an intercessor for old Bishop Theodwin who was suspected of being too indulgent towards simoniacal and unchastely living clerics Parisse have underlined the complexity of his relations with the German king and the pope Not surprisingly, the archbishop of Rheims and the bishop of Laon were asked to intervene as the priories of Verbo potior latino dating and Evergnicourt mentioned in the bull where situated in these dioceses respectively Also meaningful is the way in which the bull is summarized by referring to the perturbation and alienation clause in the sanctio.

However, the order of the possible opponents of the abbey has been changed. Whereas the bull mentions the following order: Although Theodwin has always dearly loved valde delixerat the abbot because of his Verbo potior latino dating lifestyle, he now orders him to disappear from under his eyes. After a while, those same counsellors advise the bishop to organize a meeting of the abbots and clerics of the diocese to deal with Theodoric.

Standing in the middle of the gathering, Theodoric has to answer four questions: Why had he gone to Rome? Why, as an abbot of the bishop, but Verbo potior latino dating acting as his representative, had he dared to bring home this apostolic letter, which was detrimental to his ordinary 49? He painstakingly attempts to refute their allegations He calls to mind how he had. His only object was to receive a papal confirmation of its properties, both the old possessions and those recently given to him by Duke Godfrey and by the bishops of Rheims and Laon.

The bishop is furious, he dissolves the meeting and postpones the case to a later date. In the end, after several hearings, Theodoric succeeds in convincing the bishop and the other clerics in the castle of Huy and all Verbo potior latino dating against him are finally disproven First, it is clear that the bishop acted upon the instigations of some of his counsellors.

According to the hagiographer, these people were actively involved in simony, an accusation also found in the papal letter. Their annoyance was possibly prompted by the highhanded way in which Theodoric, who is accused of playing cavalier seul. On the other hand, some new aspects come to the fore. The papal privilege, however, remains silent with regard to the priory of Bouillon, just as it is with regard to the priory of Cons-la-Grandville.

But those properties are possibly included in the general confirmation of the not explicitly mentioned possessions of St-Hubert. Although opinions concerning the authorship of the Vita Theoderici. The Life is evidently written after the death of its protagonist, on 25 Augustand was in all probability completed before the end ofas the source does not refer to the serious problems the abbey encountered under the direction of Theodoric. Of course, the possibility should be considered that the author remained intentionally silent on the matter and, in that case, the hagiographical source must have been composed before autumnwhen Bishop Otbert appointed Ingobrand, a monk of Lobbes as Verbo potior latino dating new head of St-Hubert.

As the Life still speaks of Theodoric II. This person is usually identified as prior Lambert the Older, a close collaborator of Abbot Theodoric I and dear friend, who died on 27 April Opinions diverge concerning the identity of the hagiographer. MGH, suggested a monk of Lobbes, the abbey Theodoric had entered at a tender age, thus following the opinion of the first Verbo potior latino dating, Dom J.

Hanquet attributed the work to Lambert the Younger, the author of the.

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  • Noteworthy among these were the famous priores artis at Florence.
  • The Life and Works of James of Viterbo : A Companion to James of Viterbo
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  • If anything, the Sibyl became a more important figure in the Latin-speaking . dated quite closely, each text as a whole represents too complex a enim inter mundanos spiritus potior, unde solet coniecturis quae referring to the Son as the Word (DI ): Nec utique mirum quod verbo faceret. Undoubtedly, many more dating from the abbacy of Theodoric I must have existed and . dated 23 March , almost one year after the bestowal of the privilege. Moines et monastères dans les sociétés de rite grec et latin, Geneva, , p. . (52) pauci quibus privata utilitas bono honestoque communi potior, apud.

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