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DESCRIPTION: The PODS symposium series, held in conjunction with the SIGMOD conference series, provides a premier annual forum for the communication of new advances in the theoretical foundations of database systems. For the 31st edition, original research papers providing new insights in the specification, design, or implementation of data-management tools are called for. Topics that fit the interests of the symposium include the following as they Aristides gionis yahoo dating to databases:.

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Francesco Bonchi. Aristides Gionis. Yahoo! Research Barcelona. Avinguda shop dates back to ) and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery. Report #, Date, Title, Authors, Document. Eugene Agichtein, Carlos Castillo, Debora Donato, Aristides Gionis, Gilad Mishne, ARISTIDES GIONIS. Yahoo! Research Labs, Barcelona. HEIKKI MANNILA Author's address: A. Gionis, Yahoo! 1, Article 4, Publication date: March

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The company also operates Flickr, the photo sharing website, and Tumblr, a social media and microblogging platform. A system for tagging an image comprises a processor and a memory. The processor is configured to analyze an image associated with an image query using one or more computer vision analysis types to determine zero or more computer vision matches. Each computer vision match has one or more associated computer vision tags. In the event that it is determined that there are zero computer vision matches, the processor is further configured to analyze the image associated with the image query using a human vision analysis system to determine zero or more human vision matches.

Each human vision match has one or more associated human vision tags. A memory coupled to the processor and configured to provide the processor with instructions. Systems and methods for providing media access patterns in a geographic area. Systems and methods of presenting media access patterns to a user are disclosed herein. A geographic indicator is received from a user. The geographic indicator can be representative of a geographic area. A media item identifier corresponding to a Aristides gionis yahoo dating item having the greatest number of media access requests is identified.

The media access requests are received from a plurality of consumers associated with the geographic area. The media item is identified from a logging database that stores media access requests. The media item identifier can be communicated to the user. Steven Horowitz, Jeffery Bennett.

Social network site including interactive digital objects. A social network site with enhanced user interaction functionality. In one implementation, a method includes providing a personal page corresponding to a first user, wherein the personal page includes a digital pet module region Aristides gionis yahoo dating a representation of an animate object, an indicator of a current state of the animate object, an action selector control, and an action history comprising a user identifier of a previous user and an action selected by the previous user using the action selector control; receiving an indication of a selected action from a current user; modifying the state of a digital pet object based on the selected action; and causing a browser client to render the digital pet module region, the modified state, and an updated action history including an identification of the current user and the action selected by the user.

Harold Alan Liss, Ryo Chijiiwa. Email functions, such as, for example, reply, reply to all, forward, delete, Aristides gionis yahoo dating as unread, and mark as spam are made accessible to a user through a browser independent sidebar.

In Aristides gionis yahoo dating embodiment, email messages stored by an email service provider comprise a first identifier used Aristides gionis yahoo dating a first email retrieval client and a second identifier used by the sidebar. In one embodiment, a protocol used by the sidebar to retrieve messages is augmented to comprise the first identifier, so that the sidebar can use email functions, such as, for example, mark as spam, that identify messages using the first Aristides gionis yahoo dating. Disclosed is a system and method for detecting online social communities through network-oblivious community detection techniques that involve modeling social contagion from a log of user activity.

The log includes a dataset of tuples that record the instances when a user has adopted an item at a specific time. The disclose systems and methods then apply a stochastic framework that assumes that the adoptions of the item are governed by an underlying diffusion process over an unobserved social network, and that such diffusion model is based on community-level influence. By fitting the model parameters to the user activity log, community membership information and level of influence information can be derived for each user in each community.

Aristides gionis yahoo dating, systems and computer readable media are provided for managing user generated content in relation to content. One example method includes receiving content from a mobile device. The received content is associated to one or more entities. The method associates the received content to a media Aristides gionis yahoo dating. The association of the content to the media forum enabling at least one discussion regarding the received content on the media forum.

The media forum having an interest graph that adjusts over time. Responsive to receiving a request to view an article, the method selects the media forum to be associated with the article when the article is presented on a display, the association of the media forum to the article provides an adjustment to the interest graph of the media forum.

Michael Metcalf, Jaesung Park. One example method includes receiving a request to access an article having descriptive content that includes one or more entities. Each entity in the article has an assigned prominence score, and the request is received from a website in response to user selection of the article. The method further includes identifying one or more media forums to relate to the article. Each media forum includes one or more discussion threads, and each media forum is associated with an interest graph that changes over time.

Aristides gionis yahoo dating to the request, the method selects a media forum from the one or more media forums to associate with the article based on examination of the interest graph of the media forum and the assigned prominence scores of entities in the article.

A user device is enabled by an audio-visual assistant for audio-visual interaction with a user. The audio-visual assistant enables the user device to track the user's eyes and face to determine objects on the screen that the user is currently observing.

Various tasks Aristides gionis yahoo dating be executed on the Aristides gionis yahoo dating based on further input provided by the user. The user can provide further inputs via facial gestures, voice or combinations thereof for executing the various tasks. Venkatraman Sridharan, Robert Jacob Kirk. Method and system for realtime de-duplication of objects in an entity-relationship graph.

Method, system, and programs for realtime de-duplication of objects. A received object is hashed to generate a hashed object, which is then used to generate a query for an inverted index.

Candidate matching objects are determined based on the query of the inverted index. From the candidate matching objects, a matched object that corresponds to the received object is determined. Michael Jason Welch, Aamod Sane. Contextual advertising with user features. Disclosed are apparatus and methods for facilitating contextual selection of advertisements for displaying online via a computer network.

In general, user features in the form of text are provided in conjunction with web page content for contextual advertisement matching. In one embodiment, a request for an advertisement to be displayed Aristides gionis yahoo dating a current web page that has been requested by a current user is received.

The current user is associated with one or more current user characteristics from a plurality of different user characteristics, and the current web page has an associated content. A mapping model and the one or more current user characteristics are used to obtain a plurality of user-relevant terms for each of the one or more current user characteristics.

A combination of the content of the current web page and obtained user-relevant terms are provided for selecting an advertisement for displaying with Aristides gionis yahoo dating current web page based on such combination. Hatch, Adwait Ratnaparkhi, Amruta S. Method and system for indexing information and providing results for a search including objects having predetermined attributes. A system and method for providing at least one search result responsive to receiving a search query includes receiving the search query, locating at least one record containing at least one search query term, and displaying a text representation of each of the records containing at least one search query term.

The invention further includes displaying a representation of an object in relation with the text representation for each record that includes an object comprising at least one predetermined attribute. In another embodiment, the invention provides a method for indexing records in an index of an information network, including searching the record for an indication that an object comprising a specified attribute is to be displayed with the record, creating a representation of the object; storing the representation in association with the record to which it corresponds, and making an entry for the record in the index.

A method is provided for building a user interest profile, including the following method operations: A client-side component in a real-time bidding RTB system for video advertisements configures the client device to, in response to a request for a video advertisement sent by the client device to the real-time bidding system, receive a first set of information associated with the video advertisement, parse the received first set of information to obtain the video advertisement and associated pixel firing Aristides gionis yahoo dating, provide the video advertisement to a video player on the client device, and fire a first pixel upon occurrence of a first predefined event associated with the video advertisement.

System and method for context enhanced mapping within a user interface. A system and method for Context Enhanced Mapping. A request is received from a user over a network for a map comprising an identification of a physical location, and at least one criteria.

Aristides gionis yahoo dating physical location is mapped. Spatial, temporal, topical, and social data available to the network relating to the physical location and criteria is retrieved using a global index of data available to the network and prioritized for inclusion based Aristides gionis yahoo dating the user and context of the request.

The map of the physical location and at least some of the Aristides gionis yahoo dating spatial, temporal, topical, and social data is displayed on a user interface. Athellina Athsani, Christopher T. Client-side ad caching for lower ad serving latency. Advertisements are served over the Internet to clients on demand. A client module executing on a client device fetches advertisements over the Internet from an advertisement server. The client module stores these advertisements in a cache on the client device.

Aristides gionis yahoo dating an application executing on the client device needs to display an advertisement, instead of contacting the advertisement server directly, the application makes a call to the client module. The client module, instead of contacting the advertisement server immediately, determines whether the cache on the client device contains any advertisements that satisfy criteria specified by the application.

If the cache does contain advertisements that satisfy the criteria, then Aristides gionis yahoo dating client Aristides gionis yahoo dating provides those advertisements to the application.

Otherwise, then the client module requests criteria-satisfying advertisements from Aristides gionis yahoo dating advertisement server at that time, and provides at least one of those to the application.

Kalyan Ayloo, Daniel Wong. The method also includes associating a mask with the image that maps Aristides gionis yahoo dating alphanumeric characters to coordinates. Further, the method includes, enhancing a portion of the image corresponding to one of Aristides gionis yahoo dating alphanumeric characters responsive to a user positioning an assistance tool proximate to one alphanumeric character to reduce distortion.

Techniques are provided for playback and event reporting of video advertisements on a user device. Two different event reporting protocols are simultaneously supported to enable application-based playback of video advertisements while collecting event information associated with the video playback.

In some configurations, initialization of the event reporting protocols is serialized to avoid conflict conditions during the video playback. A system and method for database storage may be dynamically optimized for entity-attribute-value EAV data.

The database may be dynamically Aristides gionis yahoo dating to move or copy certain attributes to a separate column.

The dynamic updating Aristides gionis yahoo dating one or more attributes may be based on certain factors seasonal, temporal, usage, etc. This dynamic updating and indexing of particular attributes may improve certain queries and data requests. A method for Aristides gionis yahoo dating television content is provided, including the following operations: Ronald Jacoby, Scott Lincke.

A method for providing a cross-platform interface for a television device is provided, including the following method operations: Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for selecting news articles for presentation to a user. One method includes an operation for measuring dwelltimes for a first set of news items, where the dwelltime for a news item is based on the amount of time that the news item is displayed to a viewer.

Further, the method includes an operation for training a classifier of news items based on the measured dwelltimes and based on features associated with the first set of news items.

Additionally, the method includes an operation for ranking with the classifier a second set of news items for presentation to the user, the ranking also using the profile of the user for delivery of customized news to the user.

The ranked second set of news item is then presented to the user. System and method for modeling relationships between entities.


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  • Date-time-venue: Authors: Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research; Aristides Gionis*, Yahoo Research; Francesco Gullo, Yahoo! Research, Barcelona. ARISTIDES GIONIS. Yahoo! Research Labs, Barcelona. HEIKKI MANNILA Author's address: A. Gionis, Yahoo! 1, Article 4, Publication date: March
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ARISTIDES GIONIS. Yahoo! Research Labs, Barcelona. HEIKKI MANNILA Author's address: A. Gionis, Yahoo! 1, Article 4, Publication date: March Aristides Gionis · homepage. gionis at View colleagues of Aristides Gionis .. Publication Date, (yyyy-mm-dd). Publisher, ACM . Aristides Gionis · homepage. gionis at View colleagues of Aristides Gionis .. Publication Date, (yyyy-mm-dd). In-Cooperations .

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